Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence for Banks

Silmacor develops BI dashboards according to the needs of each of your
organization's departments.

Who we are

Who we are and what we do

We are a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing solutions for banks in the domain of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.



Silmacor develops dashboards according to the needs of each of your organization's departments.

For the Finance department:
Balance sheet and Profit and Loss with drill down for explanation, account movement analysis, interest analysis, Average balances, return on Balance Sheet positions, bank own investment, securities analysis, collateral Analysis, Interest Rate Risk, Cashflow
For private banking:
Customer valuation, AuM analysis, client portfolio analysis, customer profitability, net new money, cash flow, Return On Assets
Risk Management:
Nostro Analysis, stop loss analysis, FX daily impact...
Back Office:
transactions volume monitoring, depositories and entitlements, tax monitoring...

About the founder

Combining an in-depth understanding of the business world and in particular banking and financials with a solid technical foundation is what gives me a unique advantage in the world of B.I. developing.

Over the past several years I have concentrated my efforts on developing data warehouses for banks based on core systems of Temenos T24 and Midas Plus. In addition to this I was able to provide my clients with a wide variety of reporting modules which catered to their different departments (Private banking, Lending, Finance, Risk, Back office). Among the types of reports I have created:

  • Customer Profitability
  • Balance Sheet and P&L Analysis
  • Nostro Securities monitor
  • Client and Bank Exposure
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • And more…

For Internet Banking

E-Statement with customer balances, position analysis and deals inventory Payment methods:

  • BACS – one payment to several accounts, (i.e. salaries)
  • Fund Transfer
  • Inter Account Transfer
  • Trade Finance
– Ilan Shacham, Silmacor founder

Why Silmacor?

Driving factor

The Data Warehouse is a computer database that collects and stores an organization’s data with the aim of producing accurate and timely management information and supporting data analysis.

Driving Factors/Business Challenges
Core System Data Warehouse
Focused on Banking Business functionality Focused on Data Mining & Data Analysis
Designed and focused to support the Business functionality Data Warehouse is designed and focused to support storage, retrieval and presentation
Limited historical reach Unlimited historical reach
Reports slows down the system response time No effect on the core system
Time scaled data is complex (comparison of 2 dates, trend analysis) Easily achieved
Usually Reports & Enquiries requires development by the IT Tool for Business users. Quick creation of Ad hoc enquiries
Textual User Interface Graphical User Interface


Is Silmacor right for you

Silmacor caters primarily to banks which have a need for a central integrative, reliable reporting system and use Mysis/Midas and/or other core banking systems as they will benefit the most from the Silmacor Data Warehouse.

Our user friendly decision support tool created by Silmacor will enhance management’s performance in any part of the organization.

How we do it


How we do it concept chart


The ELT process is activated daily after “End of Day” process.

This is when the Datawarehouse is fed a snap shot of customers and bank contracts’ balances, new transactions and relevant static tables


The Silmacor solution is based on Oracle technology: Oracle database, Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle OBI


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